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Access Guard Solves the Hired-in Plant Insurance Problem

Astley Hire has come up a unique service so you don't need to arrange and shell out for expensive "Hired in Plant Insurance". This service is available with all our powered access equipment, saving you time and money.

The Insurance Problem

There's no getting away from it, every hire company needs to know their equipment is covered before it leaves the depot. Traditionally customers have had to arrange their own hired in plant insurance. As well as time and money spent, it can be minefield of small print. Small print that excludes some of the crucial cover you need.

You might not be covered for malicious damage or need to lock up over night in a building. Standard excess could be £1000 or more, premiums can exceed £525.


Astley Hire "ACCESS GUARD" Solution

Access Guard frees you from the normal hired in plant insurance problems. It's ultra fast to sort out and low cost.

You're protected from major losses arising from theft, accidental and malicious damage, on-site (even at night) and in transit. The excess is only £500 and the cover is up to £50,000.


The Cost Benefit of "ACCESS GUARD"

Regular "Hired in Plant Insurance" costs on average £525 per year (Remember - The cover may not be comprehensive and the excess high)

Most hirers only need powered access equipment for a few weeks a year.

For five weeks of average hires "Access Guard" will cost just £150

Saving a total of £375

In your situation it could be more or less. The beauty of "Access Guard" is you only pay for what you use.

And if time is money for you, forget about searching for best insurance or having to arrange it on the spot. All we need is your agreement and it's sorted.

The fee will be added to your regular hire rate. Helping you account for a direct cost.



Let us be clear, Access Guard isn't insurance. It's Astley Hire agreeing to waiver our right to claim against you for Loss or Damage (with certain exceptions) of our equipment whilst you have it on hire.

Access Guard is an agreement between you, our customer and Astley Hire. We don't need reams of small print but there are some exclusions.

PDF File Please Read this Access Guard document for the full details, Including level of fees

We've devised Access Guard to work out well for you. Sign and send us the agreement along with your account application and all your Powered Access from Astley Hire will be covered.

The forms are available here.

See how easy it is to open a trade account for scissor lift, cherry picker and scaffold tower, ladder hire


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