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powered access range - MEWP hire, specifications comparison
manual access range, specification comparison

Scaffold Tower hire, Podium Step Hire, Ladder and Step Ladder hire

A range of manual access equipment including SCAFOLD TOWER HIRE, PODIUM STEPS HIRE and LADDER or STEP LADDER HIRE for safe working access. The Astley Hire Access division will have the equipment to reach the height you need to get the job done. All the access equipment, scaffold towers etc. are selected from the top manufacturers so you can be assured that it will come up up to the highest standards of safety and productive working.


Scaffold Tower Hire and Manual Access hire

The range is split in to 3 categories so you can quickly compare and choose the right equipment. The Aluminium Scaffold Tower hire is available in many different heights, click through for all the available height configurations, also available are Fibreglass towers. Podium Steps Platforms Hire offer platform heights of up to 3m. Ladder and Step Ladder Hire completes the range to make sure all work at height options are available.

Click through on the tables below for full details, specifications and pre-discount hire rates / prices.


Scaffold tower iconScaffold Tower Hire range for NW & Manchester

Scaffolding tower hire gives you the ability to work up to heights 14.4m on a safe and secure platform with plenty of working space. Our scaffold towers also allow for heavy building materials and tools to be kept on the platform for efficient working.

Scaffold tower hire is often an economical alternative to traditional scaffolding when the work in one area can be completed quickly and then the tower can be moved to the next work area. As the scaffold towers are complete systems they can be safely erected and moved by operators with minimal specialist training (PASMA training available). This give a great degree of flexibility in working without having to rely on specialist scaffolding contractors. Scaffold tower components are relatively small and lightweight so they can be carried to areas that other access equipment can not reach.

Hire of a Scaffold Tower from the wide range available gives you access at the height you need with a platform size for efficient working without the investment and storage capacity of owning your own scaffold towers. Astley Hire will supply just what you need for the time that you need it. We carry out all the pre-delivery safety checks and only ever supply Alloy Tower hire in A1 safe condition, one less thing to worry about when you need to get a job done.

Click through from the table for full details of the Scaffold Tower for your next job.

Table Key:
P.Height - Min. and Max. platform height (metres)
W.Height - Max. task height 2m above the highest platform option (metres)
Area - Dimensions of the tower without stabalisers (metres)
Rate - Hire rate per week before account discount of lowest height option (pounds)

narrow agr scaffold tower hire 2.2 - 12.2 14.2 1.8 x 0.8 57.00 AGR (Advanced Guard Rail)
Scaffold Tower - single
Double width agr aluminium scaffold tower hire 2.2 - 12.2 14.2 1.8 x 1.4 57.00 AGR (Advanced Guard Rail)
Scaffold Tower - double
narrow 3T alloy scaffold tower hire 2.2 - 12.2 14.2 1.8 x 0.8 57.00 3T (Through The Trap)
Scaffold Tower - single
3t double width scaffold tower aluminium hire 2.2 - 12.2 14.2 1.8 x 1.4 57.00 3T (Through The Trap)
Scaffold Tower - double
3t double width scaffold tower aluminium hire 2 - 4 6 1.17 x 0.728 125 MI TOWER (one man assembly)
Scaffold Tower
grp fibreglass scaffold tower hire 3.1 - 6.2 8.2 1.8 x 0.85 218.00 GRP (Fibreglass)
3T Scaffold Tower
scaffold tower for stairwel hire 2.2 - 4.2 6.2 1.3 x 0.7 84.00 Stairwell Scaffold Tower


podium steps icon

Podium Steps and Low Level Access platform hire for NW & Manchester

Working at height regulations and safety at work as well as an emphasis on productivity calls for safer, sturdier and guarded ways of working above ground level. Platform step hire and podium hire gives the safe working platform you need to operate power tools, carry out work requiring both hands and for handling bulky objects safely. For lighter duty work ladders and step ladder hire lets you get to where you need to be.

Click through from the table for full detail of the Podium Step / Low Level Access Platform for your next job.

Table Key:
W.Height - Max. task height 2m above the highest platform option (metres)
Area - Platform work area (metres)
Rate - Hire rate per week before account discount of lowest height option (pounds)

platform podium steps and guardrail hire 2.85 1.38 x 0.75 200 44.50 "Delta Deck" Podium Step Platform
ugo podium step platform hire 2.95 0.6 x 0.6 150 58.00 "U-GO" Podium Step Platform
Podium step platform folding 3.45 0.65 x 0.6 227 58.00 "Stepfold 2" Podium Step Platform
folding tower platform rental 3.72 1.8 x 0.8 210 57.00 Folding Tower Platform
Sherpascopic work platform stepladder hire 4.23 0.6 x 0.4 150 58.00 - 81.00 "Sherpascopic" Podium Step Platform
3 sizes
Razordeck 200 folding platform 5.0 1.0 x 0.65 150 119.00 "RazaDeck 200" Folding Tower Platform


ladders and step ladders icon

Ladder Hire and Stepladder Hire for NW & Manchester

The Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005 does not ban ladders. Ladders can be used where a risk assessment shows other equipment is not appropriate because of the low risk and short duration of the task.

Ladders CAN be used for access - Ladders CAN be used to work from - Ladders are LEGAL.

Click through from the table for full detail of the Ladder or Stepladder for your next job.

Table notes:
W.Height - Gives an approximate maximum overhead task height based on HSE advice , standing on first step down on a stepladder with a top handrail. On the fourth rung down down on a ladder. (metres)
Weight: ( kG.)

stepladders with or without handrails 4.4 7 - 14 27.00 - 29.50 Stepladders, with and without handrails
5 sizes
grp fibre glass stepladders 4.5 9 -17 27.00 - 29.50 Fibreglass (GRP) Stepladders
4 sizes
combination ladders hire 10 24 - 38 43.50 - 55.50 Combination Ladders
4 sizes
fibreglass combination ladder 7.2 29 55.50 Fibreglass (GRP) Combination Ladders
extension ladder hire 10.5 22 - 40 41.00 - 43.00 Ladders Double and Triple Extension
3 sizes
roof ladder crawler hire 6 14 41.00 Roof Ladder / Crawler


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