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Advanced Guardrail, AGR Scaffold Tower Hire (also available as 3T)

Two Platform sizes : Single 1.8 x 0.8m, Double 1.8 x 1.4m. AGR scaffold towers for safer assembly.

AGR Advanced Guardrail Scaffold Tower hire
Code: E20AGR / E10AGR
Weekly rate before discount: From £57.00

The design of this Advanced Guard Rail System(AGR) Scaffold Towers lends itself to quick, easy and safe assembly. Providing fall protection before the operator accesses the platform and cannot be removed before the operative descends from the platform.

At Astley Hire we want to make available equipment with the highest possible safety standards. Advanced Guardrail Scaffold Towers are recommended by PASMA and seen by the HSE as the safest form of Scaffold tower. This AGR scaffold tower provides the safest and quickest assembly and disassembly available.

Early versions of Advanced Guardrail System AGR scaffold towers were criticised by users for being difficult and time consuming to assemble. Not so with this system, component count is reduced, the parts are lightweight and easy to handle.

This scaffold tower system is designed for easy and fast assembly and disassembly in such a way that the user always has the maximum fall protection.

compare with other scaffold towersCompare the AGR Advanced Guard Rail Tower with other Scaffold Towers available to hire

Advanced Guardrail Features and Benefits

  • Tamper proof, Advanced Guardrails cannot be removed without descending and removing the platform first.
  • Fewer components than braced towers reducing losses on site.
  • Faster assembly with fewer components.
  • Recommended by PASMA.
  • Ergonomic easy to handle components
  • Complies to EN1004.
  • Correct Guardrail heights achieved every time.
  • Collective protection before the operative accesses the platforms.
AGR tower frame handholds

The Advanced Guardrail Frame incorporates special Handhold bars to make lifting and positioning easy from the platform below.

The diagonal members give excellent rigidity without the need for additional cross pieces.

Note: AGR Scaffold Towers (advanced guard rail) are now being specified on Major Construction Sites in the UK as they fully comply with the requirements for "collective protection" in the Working at Heights regulations 2005

AGR scaffold tower illustration

Advanced Guardrail, AGR, Scaffold Tower Platform Heights

Platforms can set at various height using standard components. Please specify which heights you need and we'll work out and supply the correct components.

Note: Safe working heights are 2m above the platform height

Platform Heights for Internal and External Use

2.2m, 2.7m, 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m, 5.7m, 6.2m, 6.7m, 7.7m, 8.2m

Maximum Platform Heights for Internal Use Only

8.7m, 9.7m, 10.7m, 11.7m, 12.2m

Safe Working Loads of Advanced Guardrail, AGR, Scaffolding Towers

The Tower itself, regardless of size, has a maximum total SWL (Safe Working Load) of 1000kG. When determining the SWL for your tower, you must first deduct the tower's self weight from the overall SWL to give the maximum payload (users plus tools and materials). For example:

Tower weight at 1.2m = 75kG therefore SWL = 925kg

Tower weight at 12.2m = 364kG therefore SWL = 636kg

The Maximum weight loading on each working platform, evenly distributed, is 294kG. Do not exceed the platform working load and do not fit more than two platforms per tower.

Advanced Guard Rail Scaffolding Tower Specifications

For more detailed specifications or advice please contact the Astley Hire Access team.

  Single width Double width
Length (m) 1.8 1.8
Width (m) 0.8 1.4
Max Platform Height (m) 12.2 12.2
Working Height (m) 14.2 14.2

Advanced Guard Rail Scaffolding Tower Hire prices

hire account information linkPlease note: All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

The Access Hire rate / price for the AGR scaffold tower will be subject to a competitive account discount. Read more about Trade Hire Rates, Prices & Cost.

Platform height (m) No. of platforms Single Width
Double Width
2.2 1 E20AGR / 02.2 E10AGR / 02.2 57.00
2.7 1 E20AGR / 02.7 E10AGR / 02.7 57.00
3.7 2 E20AGR / 03.7 E10AGR / 03.7 78.00
4.2 2 E20AGR / 04.2 E10AGR / 04.2 100.00
4.7 2 E20AGR / 04.7 E10AGR / 04.7 100.00
5.7 3 E20AGR / 05.7 E10AGR / 05.7 120.00
6.2 3 E20AGR / 06.2 E10AGR / 06.2 139.50
6.7 3 E20AGR / 06.7 E10AGR / 06.7 139.50
7.7 4 E20AGR / 07.7 E10AGR / 07.7 155.50
8.2 4 E20AGR / 08.2 E10AGR / 08.2 175.00
8.7 4 E20AGR / 08.7 E10AGR / 08.7 175.50
9.7 5 E20AGR / 09.7 E10AGR / 09.7 195.00
10.2 5 E20AGR / 10.2 E10AGR / 10.2 210.00
10.7 5 E20AGR / 10.7 E10AGR / 10.7 210.00
11.7 6 E20AGR / 11.7 E10AGR / 11.7 230.50
12.2 6 E20AGR / 12.2 E10AGR / 12.2 251.50
guarantee and accreditations

PASMA Training for Scaffold Towers

Working at Height legislation requires employers to ensure that their workers are fully trained and competent to use the access equipment they are provided with. Do I need training to use a scaffold tower? It's not a legal requirement to have a specific qualification but if you are using a scaffold tower as an employee then your employer should provide adequate training.

Many work sites require workers to have a recognised qualification so they can easily demonstrate they are complying with their responsibilities. PASMA training and the Photo Card proof is the simple way to make sure you know how to set up and use scaffold towers safely. The Astley Hire Training division can sort you out with what you need to know to stay safe and provide the proof that will let you get on site. Read more about PASMA Tower Training Courses.

link to Ipaf and Pasma training
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