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Trailer Mounted Access Platform, small road towable Boom Lift (Cherry Picker) Nifty 120T

The Nifty 120T is a small trailer mounted portable cherry picker, built to give maximum reach performance from the smallest chassis. If you are looking for small cherry picker hire this one could be for you,

nifty 120t trailer mounted towable cherry picker
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Per day from* : £42.71 before discount
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With a small, easily to transport access platform like the Nifty 120T you can get from job to job in the shortest possible time.

The Nifty 120T has a versatile telescopic upper boom, this trailer mounted access platform delivers unrivalled working outreach, especially at lower levels where it's needed most. This gives so much greater flexibility when positioning the lift, you can find stable, clear ground a good distance from the actual job. This flexibility of positioning makes the Nifty 120t suitable for use on domestic buildings* and commercial properties where there is no stable, level ground to work from.

Hydraulically operated outriggers make setting up the Nifty 120T trailer mounted boom lift both quick and easy. Anything to speed up setting up the access platform and getting on with the job has to be a good thing.

The small base and 1.5m wheel span make the Nifty 120T trailer mounted access platform the most compact and manoeuvrable boom lift available. Hiring the Nifty 120T from Astley Hire is as quick, easy and reliable as the machine itself.

*Please see here if you are looking to hire a small cherry picker for domestic use.

compare with other boom lift work platformsCompare the Nifty 120T with other boom lifts available to hire

Why choose the Nifty 120T Cherry Picker

  • Trailer mounted, road towable boom lift .
  • Can be used on a wide variety of terrain. The out riggers can sort out stability on uneven ground.
  • 2 man platform SWL 200kg.
  • Electric power 110v or 12v.
  • Self levelling hydraulic outriggers.
  • Mini cherry picker hire with fantastic out reach, see the chart below.
  • See the video (below) of this small cherry picker in operation to see how quick and easy it is to use.

Nifty 120T Access Platform, Compact Specification

Working height (m) 12.2
Platform height (m) 10.2
Cage capacity (kg) 200
Outreach (m) 6.1
Height - stowed (m) 1.9
Overall length (m) 4.5
Width (m) 1.92
Weight (kg) 1400
Power source Electric 12v/110v

Note: Specification table for guidance only, for definitive data refer to the manufacturers specification sheet.

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Nifty 120T Boom Lift Hire price

Please note: All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

The Access Hire rate / price for the Nifty 120T will be subject to a competitive account discount. Read more about Trade Hire Rates, Prices & Cost.

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AH7 £132.25 £207.00 £253.00 £207.00 £299
* Note: " Per day from : £ " The hire rate quoted at the top of the page is the cost per day during a one week hire. The price you pay will be lower when your account discount has been applied, click for discount info.

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IPAF Training for Mobile Boom lifts such as the Toucan

Do you need training or a special qualification to hire and use a Nifty 120T. The short answer is no. The long answer is, in a work environment employers need to ensure that workers are properly trained and competent to use the equipment. For Static Boom lifts the most widely accepted training and qualification is an IPAF PAL card (Powered Access License). With this operatives will be able to work on virtually any site. Read more about the IPAF category 1b training courses run by the Astley Hire dedicated training division.

link to Ipaf and Pasma training
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