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powered access range - MEWP hire, specifications comparison
manual access range, specification comparison

PECOLIFT 3.5m "manual - non powered, powered access"

The manual powered PECO LIFT one man work platform is easy, fast and efficient to use and it's intuitive. With no electrics it is suitable for use in controlled environments and gives many health and safety benefits over powered lifts.

Man powered vertical work lift

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Per day from* : £11.25 before discount
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With a Peco Lift work platform, step in and turn the handle you don't need power, there are no batteries to charge or mains power to plug in to. The manufacturers call it "non-powered powered access!"©. We have included it in the Powered Access range because it is "man powered" lift rather than assembled or set up and then climbed on to.

Pecolift is very 'Eco-friendly.' No batteries means no power consumption for charging, no battery acid spills, no hydrogen gases. No hydraulic oil means no spills. Also as it is a manual action to raise the platform the operator isn't going to accidentally be trapped or crushed as the platform is raised.

The small dimensions and low weight means it can be transported from floor to floor in a standard passenger lift and it will fit in almost anywhere a person can walk.

The PECOLIFT gives simple, safe and reliable working access. Without outriggers required, you get stability in the most compact of spaces. It's an easy lift even with tools and equipment up to 150kG.

The Peco lift is CE marked and complies with EN280 2009. The Pecolift is independently, third party approved by SGS International.

PECOLIFT operation stages

compare with other boom lift work platforms

Compare the PECOLIFT with Other PAV (push around vertical) lifts available to hire

Pecolift Features

  • Step into the platform, no climbing.
  • Intuitive to operate - turn handle to elevate. Patented* lift mechanism, no power required.
  • 'Auto-lok' brake on elevation. The transport wheels lock when the platform is raised.
  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre.
  • Small footprint (985mm x 700mm).
  • Unlimited lift cycles, can be used 24/7.
  • Robust design for years of trouble free service.
  • Minimal operational costs, virtually maintenance free.

PECOLIFT Specifications

Working height max. (m) 3.50
Platform height elevated max. (m) 1.5m
Platform Length x Width (mm) 720 x 600
Lift capacity - SWL (kg) 150
Maximum manual force (N) 200N
Working footprint Length x Width (mm) 985 x 700
Height stowed (m) 1.55
Weight (kg) 180

For internal use, must be used on flat ground.

Note: Specification table for guidance only, for definitive data refer to the manufacturers specification sheet.

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PECOLIFT Hire price / cost

Please note: All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

The Access Hire rate / price for the PECOLIFT will be subject to a competitive account discount. Read more about Trade Hire Rates, Prices & Cost.

Code 1 day 2 day 3 day Weekend Week
PL1 £48.50 £60.50 £72.50 £60.50 £78.75
* Note: " Per day from : £ " The hire rate quoted at the top of the page is the cost per day during a one week hire. The price you pay will be lower when your account discount has been applied, click for discount info.

dimensions of the peco lift man lift
height reach of the pecolift man lift
two pecolift work platforms on same job
PECOlift working on overhead electrics with a pecolift to gain safe access
easy to wheel through doorways
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